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Barnyard Commandos - Sergeant Woolly Pullover

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Barnyard Commandooooooos!! The battle is on as the Rebel Army of Militant Sheep (RAMS) fight for superiority against the Platoon of Rebel Killer Swine (PORKS)! Each Barnyard Commandos figure is just over 5" tall (head to tail) and features 26-30 points of articulation and multiple accessories for creating maximum carnage!

Sergeant Pullover is a modern day Lambo that solves problems just one way: he blasts 'em! Wooly is not known for thinking things through. He's ready for action! And though he has a sense of humor, he doesn't bother. As he loves to say, "Wooly never jokes."Ā  Figure includes articulated gatlingĀ gun with backpack, milk can arrow quiver, 3 unique arrows, compoundĀ bow, and bandolier with removable egg bombs.


Sargeant Woolly Pullover Comes With:
1x Backpack gatling gun
1x Milk can quiver
3x Unique arrows
1x Compound bow
1x Bandolier with egg grenades