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Made By Me - Dino Rock Painting

Horizon Group USA

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Travel back in time to the age of the dinosaurs when paintings and carvings covered cave walls with the Made By Me Dino Rock Painting set! Complete with 3 resin fossils, 2 lbs. of premium stones, 12 acrylic paints and even rawr-some tattoos to bring it all to life — this dino-mite painting kit has everything you need to create your own prehistoric world. Mix and match 12 different acrylic paints to customize 3 different resin fossils of dinosaur footprints, skeletons, and more. Transform ordinary stones into tons of awesome creatures or characters and decorate them with temporary tattoos for the ultimate prehistoric effect. Combine colors and explore color mixing to find your own shades—will you make your rocks solid colored, or go wild with patterns and designs? Spell your name across a rock to make it your own! Use your dino rock paintings to inspire storytelling, play pretend, and spark an interest in the Stone Age! Painting is great for developing fine motor skills, improving dexterity and encouraging creative expression. When you're finished, keep your art rocks on display in your home, garden, or hide them around your neighborhood for others to find! Pair this painting kit with other Made By Me activity kits, like Paint Your Own Birdhouse, DIY Stepping Stones and more to tap into your full creative potential! Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Features & details

  • CUSTOMIZE 3 RESIN FOSSILS: Get creative while you walk in the footsteps of a paleontologist and paint resin dinosaur fossils of tracks and skeletons back to life! Each ready-to-paint fossil has its own dinosaur track and footprint—see which ones you can identify!
  • CREATE DINO-MITE ROCK ART: Mix & match 12 vibrant acrylic paints to transform 2 lbs. of premium stones into tons of prehistoric creatures! Combine colors to find your own shades—add black to make colors darker, or white to make them a lighter hue!
  • TATTOO TRANSFERS INCLUDED: Use transfer sheets to decorate your stones with awesome prehistoric effects in just 3 easy steps — peel, dampen & display! These dinosaur stickers include everything from a ferocious T-Rex to dino teeth, a meteor and exploding volcano!
  • INSPIRE IMAGINATION & CREATIVE THINKING: Whether you hide your rock paintings around the house and go on a pretend excavation, leave them around your neighborhood as a silly surprise for folks to find, or put them on display — this dino rock painting kit offers an awesome chance for kiddos to express themselves, inspire storytelling, and even boost confidence.
  • KIT INCLUDES: 12 Paint Pots (Black, Dark Green, Light Green, White, Teal, Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Brown), 1 Paintbrush, 1 Tattoo Sheet, 2 lbs. Rocks, 3 Resin Fossils, Easy-To-Follow Instructions