Power Rangers - Beast Racer Zord

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It's Morphine time! From the beast Morpheus back to the original Mighty Morphine power Rangers, the power Rangers have brought teamwork, action, and adventure to fans. The legacy continues with figures, vehicles, collectibles, and role-play toys from Hasbro, Celebrating Ranger teams from Mighty Morphine to the beast Morpheus. Imagine all the action of power Rangers with toys from Hasbro! (Power Rangers products each sold separately. Subject to availability.)imagine crashing into action with the beast racer Zorn! This action figure toy stands 10 inches tall and is ready to take on any foe with its Zorn power. Go Power rangers! Copyright 2018 SCG power Rangers LLC.

Features & details

  • Power Rangers beast racer Zorn 10-inch action figure includes 2 accessories: with 2 weapon accessories, kids can imagine that the beast racer Zorn is ready for battle against any enemy.
  • Power Rangers Lords: when their enemies grow to a giant size, the power Rangers summon their Lords to take on the challenge. The red Ranger calls on the beast racer Zorn to battle his toughest foes.
  • Look for other power Rangers toys – find other power Rangers figures and gear, including power Rangers beast marchers toys, to expand the morph nominal action. Additional products each sold separately. Subject to availability.