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Real Littles Handbags - Assorted

Moose Toys

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Real Littles Handbags are back and this season they're even more stylish with all new surprises inside! Small but with so much style, this season there are seven more Handbags to collect, each one themed using the latest materials and finishes!


From butterflies, bunnies, lippy and kitties these cute Handbags are the "Must Have" accessory this year! But the question is "What's in your bag?" Well these designer Handbags are full of mini essentials that every girl needs to get through their day! In every bag you will find 6 surprises.


Open up your bag to find all-new items like mini Headphones, Glasses and Glasses Case, Phone and Phone Case, a mini Camera, Coin Pouch, Bag Charm and even a tiny Water Bottle! Maybe you'll find a real makeup like a mini bottle of Nail Polish! There is also a chance to find a Limited Edition (Laboratory Grown) Diamond Ring!


There are 30 plus surprises to find and collect across Series 3! Each collectible Handbag has its own matching Bag Charm. Mix and match the way you like. Real Littles Handbags are so perfect to accessorize with! Clip them onto your school bag, Handbag or even your belt loop and get your style on!


Real Littles are "Things You Love Made Micro"!


What's Inside:
  • 1 x Mini Handbag
  • 6 x Surprises