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Real Littles - Shopkins - Snack Time

Moose Toys

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These cute snack balls contain your favorite brands in mini-sized versions. With over 65 new Real Littles Shopkins and Mini Packs to collect, you can discover more of your favorite snacks in microform. Each Mini Pack contains a Shopkin that matches the brand, just waiting to surprise you! Explore the new varieties from different categories and discover new treats today.

Key Features:

  • OVER 65 NEW COLLECTIBLES: A vast array of new Shopkins and Mini Packs from various food categories to collect.
  • REAL BRANDS MADE MICRO: Each Shopkin is inspired by actual brands, adding a realistic twist to the collectibles.
  • EXCLUSIVE FINDS: Includes a chance to find Rare, Ultra Rare, Special Edition, and Limited Edition Shopkins.
  • SPECIAL EDITION REVEALS: Look for the Airheads White Mystery Color Reveal Shopkins in selected packs.
  • FOUR PIECES PER PACK: Each Mini Snackball has 2 Shopkins, 2 Mini Packs, and a Collector's Guide.
  • READY FOR RETAIL: The 18pc counter display perfectly showcases the product and encourages impulse purchases.
  • COLLECTOR'S GUIDE INCLUDED: Helps kids track their collection and discover the full range of available Shopkins.

The Shopkins™ Real Littles™ Mini Snackball Series 17 is a must-have for any retail setting that caters to kids, collectible enthusiasts, or fans of miniature wonders. These adorable micro collectibles offer a surprise in every pack and are perfect for encouraging repeat visits as kids strive to complete their collection. Stock your shelves with Shopkins™ Real Littles™ and watch as the miniature world of shopping fun becomes a big hit with your customers. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add these irresistible collectibles to your store – grab them now and let the snack time collection craze begin!