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Spidey And His Amazing Friends - Spidey Web Slinger


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After Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive arachnid, he became the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Peter loves science, and he uses his smarts to invent things, like his web-shooters, but also to solve problems. That's what makes him such a great team leader. Spidey always tries to do the right thing, but as everyone knows, that's not easy! He'll always do his best to protect people because he knows that with great power comes great responsibility.It's Spidey Time! Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends follows the adventures of the Super Hero Spidey and all his heroic friends! Spidey, Ghost-Spider, and Miles Morales all have super spider-powers: spider-sense, super-strength, wall-crawling, and more! Each brings something unique to their crime-fighting adventures, making them even stronger when they're working together as the amazing Spider Team! But even the best team sometimes needs a helping hand— that's when it's good to have allies like Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, and even Hulk! It's hard being a Super Hero, but it helps when you have such Amazing Friends!

Features & details

  • ICONIC WEB SLINGER INSPIRED BY THE ANIMATED PROGRAMME: go Spidey go! Slide on this Web Slinger inspired by the Marvel animated programme on Disney Jr and imagine becoming Spidey
  • WEARABLE TOY EASILY SLIDES ON AND OFF: kids can slide their wrists into the Spidey Web Slinger, no parental help required. Children can wear the toy and 'sling' a retractable web as they imagine Spidey adventures
  • WEB EXTENDS AND RETRACTS, EASY TO DO: it's Spidey Time! Push the large button on the Spidey Web Slinger and a web extends. The web retracts when the button is released for easy repeat play, no pieces or assembly required
  • BIG HERO FUN FOR SMALL SPIDEY FANS: Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends figures, vehicles and accessories are sized properly for small hands. This toy makes a great birthday present or festive gift for children
  • IMAGINE THE SENSATIONAL WORLD OF SPIDEY: inspire bold, creative play with this Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends [name] figure, perfect for pre-schoolers aged 3 and up