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Transformers- Earthrise- Bombshock & Growl

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Build the Battlefield Beyond -- The siege is over, but the War for Cybertron has just begun. The Autobots and Decepticons have left Cybertron, but their battle rages on as they speed through space in pursuit of the Allspark. Now, fighters must instantly adapt to battle anywhere in the cosmos. With the highly advanced A. I. R. (Adaptable Interconnection Retrofitter) Locks system, the fighters don’t head to the battlefield -- they become it. Bots capable of converting into Modular Battle Stations can A. I. R. -Lock together in custom configurations to fit the needs of battle. This ecosystem of collectible figures allows fans to build out epic space battle scenes, featuring figures that can convert into Modular Battle Station modes. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). Micromaster figures Bombshock and Decepticon Growl convert into mini toy car modes in 6 and 5 steps. Figures are to scale with Modular Battle Stations and can ride along their connector tracks.