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Trolls - Disco Critter Pod + Guy Diamond


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Throw a sparkly dance party at the DreamWorks Trolls Disco Critter Pod! Blessed with heaps of confidence – but not a stich of clothing – DreamWorks Trolls Guy Diamond knows how to kick off any party. The fun starts when you plug DreamWorks Trolls Guy Diamond onto the dance floor and spin the wheel to make him boogie! Send him rolling from party to party when you plug him onto the skitterboard. Kids can also fit a critter inside the mini pod, hook it onto the playset, and spin it like a disco ball! This glitterific DreamWorks Trolls Guy Diamond figure is approximately 5-inches from hair to toe and includes 4 glitter critter friends to hide, hang and party with. Clip critters and charm accessory to pod or figure for extra glam! DreamWorks Trolls Disco Critter Pod attaches to DreamWorks Trolls Pod'ular Tree. Sold separately. Subject to availably.

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Features & details

  • Includes Guy Diamond figure from DreamWorks Trolls Animated series
  • Turn the wheel to make Guy Diamond dance and spin
  • Send figure rolling on skitterboard
  • Spin mini pod like a disco ball
  • Includes pod playset, figure, charm accessory, skitterboard, mini pod, and 4 critters,Ages 4 and up