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Trick Or Treat Studios - 1:6 Scale Deluxe Sam Figure

Trick or Treat

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 This poseable figure stands approximately and features 30+ points of articulation. Includes Burlap Sack Head, Unmasked Head, 4 Additional Hands, Hollie-Ho Bar Razor Lollipop, Bitten Lollipop, Trick or Treat Bag, Light-Up Flaming Jack O' Lantern, and a Sidewalk Base. Fully clothed in a screen-accurate costume with a soft fleece onesie featuring patchwork details and burlap and rope mask materials. The sidewalk base features artificial grass and storm grate detail. Arrives in a beautiful collector's box with a flip back window display. 

Figure is approximately 10" tall, base is 7.5"deep and 5.5" wide *Please note Many 1:6 scale figures measure approximately 12" as they represent adults who are approximately 6' tall. Sam is child sized in the film and the figure is smaller to reflect that scale, measuring approximately 10" tall.