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Play Arts Action Figures - Final Fantasy VII Remake - Cloud (Dress Ver.)

Square Enix

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From Square Enix. Cloud, wearing one of the dresses from the unforgettable Wall Market section of Final Fantasy VII Remake, joins the PLAY ARTS KAI figure line! While retaining Cloud's stoic demeanor, the figure nails Cloud's makeup, hair ornament, and pigtails. Every fine detail has particular attention paid to it; from the texture of the ruffles on the sleeves and collar, to the accessories, ribbons, and skirt folds. Accessories include a swappable head part with a different expression, as well as several swappable hand parts. Swapping the hand parts allows you to clasp Cloud's hands together in front of his waist, recreating the pose from the game. Figure includes display stand

Features & details

  • A Square Enix import
  • Based on the Wall Market section of the game
  • Finely detailed figure
  • Includes interchangeable expression and hand parts
  • Includes parts to clasp Cloud’s hands together