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The Young Scientist Club - Top Secret Spy Science

Horizon Group USA

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Calling all junior spies—you’re on a mission to solve the case! With The Young Scientists Club Spy Science set, you’ll investigate, take notes, and discover your inner detective to track down a missing treasure chest with precious gems inside! Experience the thrill of being a super spy as you use these crime-solving essentials to reveal secret notes, learn how to identify fingerprints and process your suspects. Did you know that no two fingerprints are the same? The fully-illustrated instruction manual reveals the most common types of fingerprints—along with steps to create your own periscope, reveal real gems, and unveil secret codes! This super science kit lets you tap into your inner sleuth to master all the spy tricks—use this STEM kit as a game for you and your fellow spy friends and start solving the mystery! With 10-in-1 secret spy experiments, there’s enough to keep young spies-in-training busy all day—hurry, suspects are on the case, too! This activity kit helps develop critical thinking skills, imagination, curiosity, cause & effect, and so much more. Pair with other The Young Scientists Club sets, like chemistry labs, inventor’s boxes, nature kits and more to discover new worlds and make learning fun! With this spy kit, you’ll be ready. Recommended for spies ages 8 and up.